A versatile solution

kapptivate allows you to test and supervise your services from the customer point of view across different networks and technologies. Get better insight by also using real-time analysis of your application logs.

  • Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, ...)
  • Ethernet
  • Wireless
  • USSD, SMS, Phone Call, Mobile Data
  • Mobile application
  • API and web services

A collaborative platform

Manage with a great level of details your testing environments and your users. Test and share your tests in real time with the members of your organization. Generate reports and dashboard for your teams and managers, to help you take proactive and better business decisions.

  • Share your tests across your team members
  • Real time collaborative manual testing
  • Fine-grained management of access rights with Roles and Groups
  • Manual / Automated test & monitoring reports

With great benefits

Improve your time-To-market

Reduce your qualification and non regressions testing phases. Deploy promotions and new services before your competitors.

Secure your revenues

Track your KPIs, challenge your suppliers' SLAs with tangible numbers.

Increase your active customers base

Have a better understanding of the user experience and improve it to satisfy your customers

Rapid incident detection

Be alerted of incidents before your customers thanks to high frequency monitoring.

Reliable Results

Produce and formalize reliable tests reports


Start from Testing

Centralized management of test resources

The application kapptivate centralizes all resources dedicated to testing in its web interface: SIM cards, smartphones, API agents etc. Centralized management makes it possible to share test resources between the different members of a team and make them available anywhere and at any time. Access to these resources is nominative and secure.

Reporting and history of resources use

All tests performed are visible in the historical part of kapptivate Testing. Each action performed via kapptivate is traced and associated with a user. This brings additional security during the tests to monitor the use of testing accounts (credits...). Each manual test campaign can be shared via automatically generated reports.

Manual Testing

kapptivate Testing provides access to all test resources for remote control and simple manual testing. The interaction is in real time.

Automatic test creation via a simple and intuitive interface

kapptivate Testing provides an easy-to-use interface dedicated to test creation. No technical knowledge is needed to create the most complex test cases.

Test campaigns scheduling

kapptivate Testing supports playing test campaigns immediately or scheduling them to run later, for instance at night at 10pm.

Continue by Supervising

Play tests periodically on a set of services

Schedule a large number of tests periodically on all the test resources at your disposal. The kapptivate Monitoring interface allows you to simply choose the frequency of these tests as well as the location in which they will be played.

Real-time view of service availability

kapptivate Monitoring gives a real-time view of the availability of your services and lets you know when problems are encountered before users notice them. The real-time supervision view gives immediate access to the error messages reported by the services, and the data can be grouped by services, geographical areas etc.


kapptivate Monitoring lets you send alerts via email and Slack when one or more services become inaccessible. It also lets you track your performance KPIs.

Automatic reports scheduling and excel reports

Receive daily, weekly and monthly customized reports on Quality of Service and availability of services. Monitoring results and performance KPIs can also be exported in Excel format for distribution to all stakeholders.

Performance Tracking and Detailed Metrics

For each played test, kapptivate Monitoring measures performance and availability metrics, while also letting you create customized KPIs and indicators to track the quality of your services.

Integrate at each steps of your projects

On-premise or in the cloud, our solution can be integrated at any point of your project lifecycle. Deploy your agents in different geographical locations in no time and quickly start implementing your End-To-End QoS and QoE tests.

Complete cross technology test scenario creation

3 steps sms test scenario using a sim card and a real smartphone device with kapptivate

Whether you would like to test 2 factor authentication, 3D secure bank payment security or other processes involving interaction between different technology and services, kapptivate gives you the ability and flexibility to do active End-To-End testing of those scenarios while stripping down the setup complexity. As long as you think of a particular use-case, you can test it using kapptivate solution.

  • Dynamic variable system
  • Deep assertion engine
  • Custom KPI creation
  • Public APIs for test run and CI pipeline integration

Powerful monitoring tools at your disposal

showcase a custom dashboard created with kapptivate solution

Drag & Drop Dashboard creation

Display your metrics using our pre made dashboards or build your own in two clicks. Select the type of data visualization on a selection of charts and miscellaneous widgets. Request your aggregated metrics using our intuitive query builder. No technical knowledge is required.

24/7 supervision view

Follow in real-time in your operation center or anywhere else the status of all your critical services. Access specialized views designed specifically to facilitate continuous supervision and preemptive error detection in a few seconds. In one click, pinpoint and display the error details.

Effective resource management

centralized resource management logic with kapptivate robots

Dispatch your individual SIMs, real-devices and web agents to your different teams and workspaces. Manage your geolocalized robots and their attached resources in comprehensive lists. Easily orchestrate the resources you deployed and receive automatic alerts on robots disconnection / connection.

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