Designed for worldwide deployment

Our custom-built software and hardware were created to bring you the best quality of experience when testing and monitoring at any location around the world.

Seamlessly deploy your robots without any setup on your part. Once received, they will work out of the box !

Simplify and save time on your robots management

representation of kapptivate centralized robots management logic


Wherever you are, you have direct access to all of your monitoring tools and robots


Share the use of resources such as your SIM cards, your smartphones ...


All the actions carried out are registered and recorded

Cellular robot

Built from the ground up internally, our cellular robots were created to bring you the best testing and supervision experience for your mobile services such as USSD, SMS, network performances or data. Up to 8 SIM cards can be installed.


Web robot

Whether you are interested in managing the consistency and reliability of your websites, web services or OTT services over wifi or ethernet connexion, kapptivate's web robots are the ideal way to achieve those objectives.


Smartphone robot

Remotely control, test and automate your iOS and Android device's applications and web applications by using one of our smartphone robot. Easily manage and deploy your real test devices locally and in your selected locations.


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