Install, test and monitor all your smartphone applications and web applications using real mobile devices placed anywhere in the world. Get remote access to those devices for manual debugging. Automate your usage scenarios and get a better understanding of how users experience your products.

Remote control

Control your devices from the comfort of your browser. Interact with them using natural gestures like swipe, tap.

Real Carrier Network

Connect your devices to real network carrier and Wifi connection. Test your application using real life conditions at any location.

Worldwide deployment

Deploy your devices anywhere in the world. Manage them in a single place with a simple and intuitive interface.

Integration flexibility

Integrate the solution with your CI pipeline by using our open APIs. Upload, run and get the results of your app tests running on your devices.


Natural Gesture

Use your devices using natural gesture. Tap, swipe and use your keyboard to seamlessly navigate between your apps and web apps

1-click Apk & Ipa Upload

Install your Apk or Ipa with a simple drag and drop. Instantly make sure your application builds on any device

24/7 Application Supervision

Seamlessly transition from testing to monitoring and supervise your applications. Detect downtime, service issues and regressions before your users are affected.

kapptivate android phone


Use the power of Appium automation framework to easily test, monitor and extract data from your apps

Remote Debugging

Connect to your android devices remotely using adb as if they were directly plugged to your computer and get real time logs

Test Recorder

Generate automated app tests without any coding knowledge. Just navigate to your apps naturally from your browser and create automation scripts.

And many more !

Compatible with Android and iOS devices !

Forget about managing your tests devices. We will do it for you !

kapptivate can orchestrate, centralize and administrate all your distributed devices in an easy to use web interface.

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