Technologies for smartphones and cellular communications, which regroup VAS (Value-Added Service) services such as SMS subscription and core services (SMS, USSD, Phone calls and DATA) are becoming incredibly more complex over time, so is the ability to make sure that any service running on them is working as intended.

With an expertise in cellular technology, our goal at kapptivate is to simplify the process of testing and monitoring in this field and make it accessible to anybody.

What you can do

Interested in testing your APIs through real cellular network in multiple countries ? Or maybe you would like to supervise all your mobile money services using USSD and SMS technology ? kapptivate gives you the necessary tools to cover a multitude of use cases like the aforementioned and more, locally and internationally. We take care of the nasty bits so that you can focus on what matters: the well being of your services.



  • Session opening
  • Menu browsing (multi steps)
  • Content verification
  • Menu characters number verification
  • Session reporting status
  • USSD Push Notification handling
  • USSD Service establishment response time
  • USSD response time


  • HTTP API (HEAD / GET / POST / PUT ...)
  • Network performance on 2G/3G/4G LTE/5G
  • Data throughput
  • Network latency
  • Website availability
  • DNS response time
  • Video stream quality (Youtube etc.)

image of sim card


SMS MO & MT verification
Conversation (SMS Multipart)
Sender verification
Character encoding verification (PDU, Unicode...)
SMS Sending
Content verification
Timestamp verification
Delivery verification


  • Phone Call MO & MT
  • Place Call
  • Answer Call
  • Verify phone CLI
  • Record phone call (soon)
  • MOS (soon)
dashboard with sms testing kpis

KPIs & Metrics

Use and/or extract key KPIs from your cellular services such as :

  • USSD response time
  • SMS response time
  • HTTP API response time
  • Error count
  • Service availability / Status
  • PDP Activation delay / status
  • Call duration / Dial delay
  • FTP upload / download performance
  • HTTP / TCP ping packet loss
  • And many more ...
long list of sim cards in kapptivate interface

SIM Management

kapptivate offers an easy way to manage and share all your SIM cards as resources across your organization and your teams. Orchestrate and organize your robots placed in different location in one single place.

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