As digital products and mobile applications rely heavily on external services server side, making sure that they are reliable and performing at their best is essential to provide the best user experience possible. At kapptivate, we understand the necessity for teams and managers to be aware of any issues and errors that may arise without any warning as soon as possible.

Thus we developed a set of tools specifically designed to solve these problems, combining a simple yet complete API testing solution with powerful sets of monitoring capabilities for real time supervision.

kapptivate dashboard with api kpis such as response time and success rate

API QoS Measurement

End-To-End testing for optimal products delivery

Always be up-to-date on your APIs uptime and performance in real time, anywhere in the world. Exploit key KPIs from the tests created and use our reporting capabilities to get a deep understanding of all your services through all the phases of your project:

  • Test over ethernet and real carrier network
  • Excel reports
  • Report scheduler
  • Key KPIs monitoring: response time, success rate, ...
  • Real time supervision views and alerting
  • Easy transition from testing to monitoring
Data validation

Build complex multistep request scenarios

two chained api get request with assertions and variables in kapptivate interface

Complete assertion system

Validate your JSON and XML body content. Check your requests status code and make sure that they are performing correctly. kapptivate's test builder lets you use a long list of assertion possibilities so that you can cover all aspects of your APIs quality.

  • header
  • status code
  • json and xml body
  • content length
  • request duration time
  • variables

Use variables across all your test steps

Needs to reuse the same API token across all your requests? Or maybe you would like to create and monitor values based on your responses data? With kapptivate, you can extract, store and use static and dynamic information from your APIs to use it at any steps of your testing and monitoring scenarios.

api response assertion using swagger definitions with kapptivate

Validate your APIs using swagger definitions

When using swagger to have standardized APIs, one of the main challenges is to make sure that all the services implemented by your company are homogeneous. By providing a swagger definition, you will be able to assert if your APIs response are compliant and respect the definition format provided.

Powered by kapptivate Testing & Monitoring solution

Take advantage of all the features offered by kapptivate Testing and Monitoring software to enhance your workflow, collaborate between different teams/environments and ensure the well being of all your APIs at every step of your project lifecycle.

Data visualization

Detailed API analytics

api response headers, body and assertions exploration using kapptivate

Get detailed views for every steps of your API calls. Navigate through your responses header and body. Extract all the informations necessary in order to get a 360° understanding of your services.

api request performance detailed informations displayed

Performance analysis

End user satisfaction stems from the ability to deliver fast and reliable online services. For each request made through test scenarios, get very detailed performance visualization.

small dashboard showcasing custom metrics monitoring with kapptivate

KPIs monitoring & alerting

Create and customize dashboards tailored to your needs. Supervise aggregated API metrics combined with your custom metrics in real time. Proactively detect errors and performance bottlenecks before your users by using a precise alerting system.

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