In the context of a global technological advancement in emerging countries, usage of Mobile Money services increased significantly throughout the years. As a result, global operators, leaders in their respective fields, are being challenged every day with significant amount of transactions to handle. To ensure that these critical services are secure, reliable and available for their users, they partnered with kapptivate. As of now, kapptivate's solution is used in more than 16 countries to test and monitor critical Mobile Money services 24/7.

Current Mobile Money's main channels of communication are USSD, SMS and smartphone applications. In this ever-growing market which involves the handling of important user assets, the services must ensure that what is offered must be working working 100% of the time without disruption, while also being efficient and secure. It involve the necessity of doing extensive technical and functional health checks of Mobile Money solutions in different geographical locations.

Get a deep understanding of your Mobile Money services from your customers' point of view

At kapptivate, we understand the importance of having fully functional services while also being aware of their status at any time of the day. In response to these problematics, kapptivate created a complete set of tools designed to help you do active End-To-End testing and monitoring of these critical Mobile Money services from the point of view of your users. kapptivate's solution can be integrated during your project phases and during run phases. You will find below a sample of the possibilities to ensure total user satisfaction in production:

  • Check the validity of transaction's commission amount based on localisation
  • Check the validity of transaction's service charge amount
  • Ensure that transactions between users in different regions went without issues
  • Validate the content of your USSD menus
  • Check if your users always receive an SMS after transactions
  • Validate the content of your SMS messages
  • Validate user balance across your different channels of communication (USSD, SMS, smartphone application)
  • Ensure your smartphone application's services are working as intended

What scenarios you can test

  • Cash In
  • Cash Out
  • Topup
  • International Money Transfert
  • Money Transfert
  • Check Balance
  • Merchant Payment
  • Bank Operations
  • Bill Payment
  • And many more ...

Key benefits

  1. 24/7 Service view

    Quickly pinpoint the origin of issues even in complex environments

  2. Speed-up debugging

    Find the root cause of issues in no time thanks to detailed reports

  3. Improve performance

    Quickly identify performances degradation and solve them

  1. Be alerted in no time

    Prevent issues from getting out of hand thanks to ultra fast alerting

  2. Minimize downtime

    Reduce incidents impact on your customers and partners.

  3. Increase user satisfaction

    Less downtime, less issues mean that your users will be happier with your services

  1. Display historical views

    Get an historical view of your services over one year.

  2. Real time KPI follow-up

    Follow the critical quality KPIs of your services simply.

  3. Integrate with existing tools

    Integrate kapptivate monitoring with your existing monitoring stack

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