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The complete solution for your testing and monitoring needs

Trusted by many companies and operators around the world, we have for mission to help businesses and teams of any size provide the best customer experience at any location.




Built with DevOps in mind

Easily integrate the solution at any step of your project lifecycle. Test in one click and get a 360° supervision of your services using reliable results and accurate data.

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A Cross Technology platform

Empower your teams with the possibility to create complex and interactive VAS, web-services and Mobile Apps scenarios

ussd and sms test using kapptivate

Cellular mobile technology

Test and supervise your services from a customer point of view using different mobile networks such as 2G, 3G or 4G LTE, and different cellular technologies over real phones and SIM cards:

  • SMS
  • USSD
  • Phone Call
  • Mobile Data

wikipedia api get request using kapptivate interface

Web services & API

The reliability and performances of API and web services are critical for any businesses. Ensure they are perfectly working over ethernet, wifi and carrier network to make your customer experience perfect.

remote control of an iphone within kapptivate interface

Real-device Testing

Remotely control iOS and Android devices from the comfort of your browser. Test your application and web application manually or automatically using different devices. Extract useful data and monitor their availability 24/7.


An all in one solution for all your digital services

Satisfy all your testing and monitoring needs on one single platform. Quickly pinpoint critical issues, identify regressions, find performances bottlenecks and ensure the customer experience is perfect.

Cross resources test scenario builder

Create scenarios running on a wide selection of technologies

Real-time monitoring features

Follow your scheduled test scenario using high frequency monitoring with embedded analytics

Resources orchestration

Manage all your geographically distributed resources in a simple and intuitive web interface.


Detect incidents before they affect your users. Our alerting system will help you rapidly take actions on issues affecting your services

Reporting capabilities

Generate detailed reports of all actions performed during your tests. Get a deep understanding of your services behavior at a glance.

Continuous integration

Integrate the solution in your development pipeline and run end-to-end tests in different locations as part of your delivery process.

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